Story – How I got into a medical school

As I finish a big cup of rich, delicious hot chocolate, I find my mood instantly boosting because of the high dose caffeine. The past few days have been difficult and immensely demotivating because of the obvious quarantining and my fast approaching exams. Today, I finally feel good after a while and I decided I should blog.

It’s been around six months since I endured a well focused, satisfactory study and I, trust me, am sure guilty, considering my course is MBBS, one of the most difficult ones. I should be more considerate and responsible? We’ll maybe, but I really needed the break, more so, to find myself again.

There is a huge hype created in India regarding how hard MBBS is and that you need to work day and night to beat the growing competition. With the same idea, I joined my junior college, which I will not name, known for the high ranking of their students. My only thoughts when I joined the college were to let go of all of my fun and pleasures and work rigorously until my entrance exam. Now that I think of it, that was a bad start to begin with.

The way I dealt with stress at the time was awfully unhealthy and I only wish no-one should ever witness what I did. The professors in my school cribbed about the high scorers of other colleges and pressurised the students to score better. I tried to keep up but as the second year passed, my mental health hit rock bottom and my motivation and stride for a high score slowly diminished. This was because I was exhausted by the end of my junior college, I lost myself, I was mentally drained. In such a state of being, I went ahead with writing my entrance exam, and as you may have already guessed, it didn’t go well.

The aftermath of my entrance exam was filled with guilt, anger and woe, for I could have scored much better. “Hard work will always pay off” was the motto I lived by and I had completely lost faith. My rank was not the worst but was far from what I had aimed for and I was devastated. I did get into a medical school after it all but I was not satisfied or happy.

Now, after two years, in this six month long break, I finally found my old self and my will and passion for my career. It was a tough time but it has led me now to a better place. All I know now is to not be too harsh on myself, stay within my limits and not pressurise myself. You don’t have to be the best, no-one can be.

22 thoughts on “Story – How I got into a medical school

  1. Beautiful Vaishnavi. We can just do our best and let go. All of us are perfectly imperfect.
    Am sure you would make a great doctor and good human being.

    Love and blessings 😊🤗

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  2. Hi Vaishnavi. It’s really courageous of you to share with us all the evil of rat race that at some points of our lives we all have experienced. I can understand the pressure that these exams can bring and the constant confusion and doubting oneself. So I congratulate you on holding on to yourself and bringing back the old self. Stress will always remain a part of our lives. We just learn to live with it, finding happiness in small little things that brings us joy. All the best. 😇

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  3. I understand all this completely. I worked in the medical field for a very long time and you can get burned out in any career. I finally started over in life, focusing on my passion, which is writing. Finding time to de-stress will be important for your overall mental health.

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  4. Yes! Hard work will always pay off.
    How have your experience in medical school been so far?

    The exams and the rest?

    For me I feel 2nd MBBS will never be forgotten. I even wrote a post on it sharing a strategy that help me prepare better 6 months to the exam.

    You can find the timetable I used on my blog, but I know our program will be different from yours.


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